A downloadable game for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

Walk upon the Ravenfield with your BLUE allies! Take down those pesky REDs using helicopters, cars, guns, and active ragdoll physics.

Ravenfield on Discord!

Ravenfield now has an official discord server, if you want to chat with the developer or other community people, join the server via https://discord.gg/xavGMJa



  • New map: Dustbowl (It's huuuuuge)
  • Minor Island tweaks
  • Night mode and night vision
  • Spectator mode (Hold S when the game starts)
  • Enable/disable UI (Press Home and/or End)
  • Tons of AI Tweaks
  • Various bug fixes


Ravenfield is a singleplayer battlefield style game. It started out as an experiment with ragdolls and AI, and will remain a slightly experimental, for-fun game project.

(This game is in beta, so expect a few bugs here and there)


  • WASD+mouse
  • QE - lean
  • Enter - bring up loadout menu ingame
  • C - crouch
  • Shift - sprint
  • Aim at seat + F - enter/exit vehicles
  • Helicopter (Battlefield style):
    • WS - Throttle
    • AD - Rudder (Yaw)
    • Mouse vertical - Pitch
    • Mouse horizontal - Roll
  • Caps lock - super slowmotion! (shift+capslock for regular slowmotion)

How to play

The objective of the game is to beat your enemy team's score by 200 points. Do this by capturing flags and murderizing enemies.

Besides providing additional spawn points, each flag your team holds increases your Flag Multiplier. This multiplier increases the score you gain per enemy kill. The team score bars indicate what team is currently winning, push out the enemy bar to win the game! You can also win the game by capturing all spawn points.


Open your Ravenfield_B4.zip file and drag the Ravenfield folder to somewhere on your computer. Now open your new Ravenfield folder and start the game.

For people getting the "There should be 'ravenfield_Data' folder next to the executable" error on windows: Make sure you extract the game by dragging the Ravenfield folder from the ravenfield_b4.zip file to somewhere on your computer. Now open your NEW Ravenfield folder and start the .exe file.

More information

Published156 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X, Linux
Tags3D, battlefield, First-Person, ragdoll-physics, Singleplayer, War
Average durationAbout a half-hour
Player countSingleplayer


Ravenfield_B4_Win.zip (64 MB)
Ravenfield_B4_OSX.zip (84 MB)
Ravenfield_B4_Linux.zip (78 MB)


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A pretty cool little game ! Here's my video on it (highlights, funny moments kinda video) :D

And here is another highlights - funny moments kinda video , but this time we're having fun with the Slow Motion feature and the Night Mode :)


I had a little bit too much fun and made an actual 999 bots match video as spectator. It's really 999 bots in the game throughout the video! And here are some outtakes:

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I love the questionable physics, and the gameplay is funny and difficult. I've tried to play on dustbowl, but it's just so big, I just can't manage.

My feeling as well in the beginning. I tried assault mode with 200 bots - not a chance.

But Normal matches are fun when using "M" to show the map, it helps a lot on Dustbowl I'd say.


Such a fun game can't believe i got 100k bots on the battlefield

how do u download ravenfield

Here's how:


Dear developer, it'd be awesome it we could tune down the graphic (or I guess physics?) settings so much that 10,000 bots would become possible on mid-tier graphics cards :D


Check out some raw Island gameplay here!

I got a problem. when i dowload a game and open and start playing i have pink screen! how i got this? please anyone who knows how to fix tell me

Sounds like you will have to update your graphics drivers.

Or perhaps you didn't unzip the game before running the exe? Follow these steps:


I have made three guides by now:

1. Download/run

2. General Beta 4 gameplay:

3. Helicopter School:

I hope they're useful!

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