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i've tested the game with 400 actors this is a fucking war good job !


comment je remet les parametres des controles par default sachant que meme en supprimant le jeu les parametres ne change pas



Changer les touches tu veux dire?

I saw it in PC GAMER, and I wanna help testing this game and helping with few ideas.

Oh yea and also can we be the Red Team please :P

Just wow, this game is an amazing little indie title. Can I just say well done to you sir, must of played two hours and man it was just good solid fun! It just makes me want Multiplayer that would be so awesome though the slow-mo could not happen in MP and yea the slow-mo I felt like an mlg sniper while doing slow-mo and you can really see the work thats gone into the animations. What I would love is more weapons and maps MP would be nice but I get how hard that is keep up the work man well defo tell my friends to give this a go! Just though I'd report to little things, sometimes while scoping out slow-mo the sniper is not show to be doing the bolt animation (maybe its my eyes you might wanna see), second while selecting a weapon or equipment if you press escape to bring up the menu your mouse cursor disappears and you just have to hit escape again and spawn in. Overall fantastic, also if you could adding a map (just even one you can toggle) would be cool, as I find myself while playing and staying alive for some while running around aimlessly trying to find the new taken flag. I get putting player position is hard but I just me that you can see the map you see when spawning. Very well done though keep it up will defo be watching this one! Will post it out too I know some guys who would love it!


Hopefully I just fixed that sniper bolt issue, sometimes the animation definetely did not trigger. A minimap is coming in the next update!

Hi guys, I have found one bug,

When I started Ravenfield, I see nothing, All I can see grasses, some trees, but I don't see blue players, or red players or my FPS arms, or my guns, Only I can do is just click main menu buttons, and see GUI of my gun ammo.


Try redownloading the game as u probebly have a currpt download

But It wasn't corrupt download, plus, I tried redownloading the game over 5 times and still, It doesn't work, Help?

What operating system are you using and what version of it(e.g Windows 10, Ubuntu 14.04)?

32-bit and Windows 7 Ultimate

Continue to update this game, it have a good potential

you should add the ability to change teams and add more guns and the ability to choose attachments in 3D view and add Third Person View By Pressing "F3" i Hope You add These Things.


PC Gamer on Twitter just shouted you out :) And can you add a settings menu in-game?

Settings menu is coming up in the next update :)

Thanks. And i tried to fly the helicopter but the controls dont work. It just stays still. The gun on it works though.

W10 64-bit

There's a pilots seat and a gunner's seat. Make sure you're in the right seat.

Lmao i always went to the gunners seat..... Thanks :D


comment on fait pour changer d armes svp ????


Les touches 1,2,3,4 servent à changer d'armes.

Bonjour, quand je lance le jeu le système windows me dit que le jeu est incompatible avec windows 10. Pourriez-vous m'aider? Merci d'avance je voulais savoir aussi s'il existait une version windows 10? voilà voilà


J'ai Windows 10 et je n'ai aucun problème avec le jeu

salut lance le jeu en administrateur ;)


This game is hella creamy.

Can't we change the controls of the game?

Most of the controls are rebindable via the launcher window. A few of them (like Enter and K) are hardcoded at the moment, but I plan to move those to rebindable controls.

Okay. Thanks a lot! And keep up with the good work I love this game!

ok merci mec


si il y a qqn pour m'aider a lancer le jeu je suis prenneur :

lorsque je telecharge le jeu c"est un .zip et après, que faut'il faire ??

il te faut déjà un extracteur, télécharge le à cette adresse

prend la version d'essai, une fois installer fais clique droit sur l'archive zip et extraire ici ou où tu le souhaite puis lance le .exe !

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Hi, I'm a french translator and I can help translate your game, if you're interested ,you can contact me at


Amazing game, I would be glad to help develop your game! Contact me if you ever need help!


Really cool game , a great potential with the physics and the AI . It would be nice if new content would come out , like maps , guns , and multiplayer even if it would be a bit complicated to add multiplayer and keep the magic that add the big amout of AI in the game. I thought about 1 player per army like the red one and the blue one or 1 player per squad . Well, good job guys hope u'll continu to work on it.

Thanks! The first update will be bugfixes and things that should increase the game's playability. More maps and guns is definetely something I want to work with later down the line though!

Nice good luck my friend :)

more map and add tank plz

Tanks = aww yeah I should add them soon!

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Add multiplayer to play with friend

the game is cool

i'm french

et pour tous les français j'ai connu ce jeu grâce à VodKProd ou plutôt Les Pizza Guys chaîne Youtube

moi aussi ;)

moi aussi

moi aussi :

pareille X)

Merci tout le monde! Et un merci special des pizza guys pour la video :).

Pardon my french haha!

Tu es français ? WOww Super bon jeu et aussi pour tes autres jeux ajoute le multijoueur et c'est tout ce que je demande mais après si tu peux vraiment pas c'est dommage mais c'est pas grave moi pour moi sur ce jeu ce qu'il manque c'est le multi en premier et après les armes en 2 ème et après les maps en dernier et moi c'est juste le multi que je demande et quand j'ai y joué pour la première fois j'ai adoré franchement continue de développer ce jeu tu commence bien en tout cas c'est mon avis personnel

Hunteror you need to extract file in a file with winrar.

if you don't have download here :


Amazing! Absolutely fantastic! Even though it's only bots, I am absolutely addicted! I just want more guns, more maps, and multiplayer! Then it would be perfect, honestly it would replace one of my favorite games Counter Strike. Don't give up on it, it has amazing potential and is HIGHLY addictive!

Haha thanks. I also want to add more guns and maps, but the first update will be mostly bugfixes and making the game more intuitive to play. My current plan is to keep the game singleplayer only, but make sure that the singleplayer really really fun!

I would love to make some maps for you let me know if you want to give me a chance send me an email or something =>


Lol me too i'm french i can traduce --'


I'm french i can traduc


This is a message to the developers can you add my on Skype please : blyxow_gaming, i could help you. please


If you want I can translate the game in french. And I discovered a bug: when you are in the boat at passenger and you want to sit at the controls of the boat, you just exit the vehicles and are very deep in the see.

Cool, I'm going to keep the game in english only for the time being, but thanks for your interest. I need to revise the water and swimming a bit to make sure stuff like that doesn't happen :)

please add a multiplayer mod

please can i have help because wen i download the game and open it something like sony vegas pro onpen #helpplease

Very fun i wait for an another version.

We can mods and adds content on this game and share with community ?

Hey there, any way to invert the mouse look?

In the next update it will be!


A game that has enormous potential, very fun to play at this state and will benefit a lot of a multiplayer.

Continue the great work


Add multiplayer :(


Hi !

Your game looks very great. I tried it and it's amazing ! Please continue it, add more content (guns, vehicles, maps, ...) ! If you feel it, you can add a multiplayer, it can be very enjoyable ! I hope you'll work on it.

I support you for your project !



Hello. I am very intrested in your game, as i have never played any of the battlefield games... my reccomendations:

-More maps

-More Guns


-Same Character models, but different heads

i think this game could have some potential, keep working on it :)


Amzaing concept and beta. Very excited for full release. Looking forward to much more content! :D

fun game but the cars and boats are hard to get in. Also needs an online mode instead of just being bots. Hopefully we get more maps after the beta is over.

Interesting AI and ragdoll implementations. Initial spawn pathing could be more interesting, facing the correct direction when walking etc, and re-pathing when obsticles are hit might make them feel a little 'smarter', but otherwise good job! Must admit, I love the swimming ;)

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I think this game has a lot of potential. It actually has that Battlefield feel. I Just really needs hit feedback and better feeling guns. More bass in the AK and maybe some reverb? Oh and definitely a minimap.

I agree, I really need to do an audio pass to make the weapons feel better! Minimap is coming!


Steelraven is a holy gift from the heavens, and has bestowed upon us another wonderful addictive game

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