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Great game. Nice weapons, nice player models. Overall a great game. But it's not a very popular game though.

its so fucking cool


I tried it with a friend and its really fun!

Too bad no one is ever online though...




like this




the blue capsules are health packs @brenla23

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Hey Steelraven7 you probably wont see this but, i can't join any servers people can only join mine, and i want to play with friends but can't because i can't join any only host please hel

Haha I gave my self infinite HP!


What are those blue capsuls that keep appearing. Whats in it, and how do you open them

How do you join a game?


Hi raven. hope you still look at the comments on these pages. id like to offer to take over development of this project. the rights and everything you've done would stay the same and i would never monetise the project or say it was all mine. this game has real potential and i would like to expand its current programming. if you are happy to consider this contact me at


We had a livestream match! Too bad there seem to be issues joining servers apparently at random...

Servers are Back Online!!!

The Unet 4 master server is currently down, you will not be able to play until they come back up, I shall post again when they do

Soo, that means no multiplayer?

Unfourtunately yes.

how do u even join a server?

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The latest edit of an online match!


how do u change weapons

Neat game, found some people on a discord server and got on a match :)

nice game. just rekt some people lol. you should polish this one

pret good game Steelraven7

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If you find the players, this can be some darn fun!

It's easy to play:


add bots


add bots


Would love to see more players on this game.


add bots

Made by an Intruder player, gg


add bots plase


Remake or repost? That's the question.

Are you saying you want to remake or repost it or that SteelRaven7 remade it or reposted it because if it's the latter this is his original game


Steelraven, you are the best ;)

thanks for telling me how to fix ravensfield beta3

oh my god SteelRaven


A 64bit Linux Version would be nice :)