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Oh my god please develop this further this is freekinggg amazing brother. Make the swords clash and just other stuff like maybe a jump and a campaign moddde

i love your games i played ravenfield and i really like it can't wait to try this game.

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bruh i just saw a game with the exact same thing going on i mean it has ninjas or samurais one hit kills and complicated moves

the game is called first cut

but firstcut is only for windows

Steel Raven making more masterpieces! 


I found a bug. Don't care if it isn't fixed, but if a normal thrust is used close enough to someone blocking up, the sword will ignore the block.


Wait... You're the guy that made Ravenfield!


I added AI, feel free to recycle my code, dear devs:

Hey Iwan, how do I put the code in myself, until steelraven has put it in?

you gotta install ahk and save my file as an .ahk file run it and press f1 when ingame. I'll be putting a video explaining it soon on youtube


Just a question, will this be continued???



So this is what u have been working on. Cool! Can't wait to try it out!

Cool raven

Cool game