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Welcome to the 1880's, a time where disputes were settled over a bottle of scotch and a barrel of smoke. Enjoy your stay.


  • WASD - Move around
  • Mouse - Aim, shoot and flip tables
  • E - Pick up weapons
  • Tab - Toggle slowmotion
  • P - Restart the game
  • Escape/F1 - toggle options menu (Features an FOV slider!)

This game was made in about 12 hours for the 7HFPS challenge 2013, so it is somewhat lackluster, for instance, you cannot die. You can however shoot weapons from the hand of your enemies because why not?

PlatformsLinux, Unity
Tags7dfps, 7hfps, slowmotion
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


SaloonShootoutSimulator2013_Linux.7z 19 MB


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Why only linux and not window :(

Damn, i have Chrome and am on a windows computer.. I can't play it.

Tic Tac simulator


I thought this was pretty cool! Especially that it had a secret weapon even though it's tiny scope.

And throwing bottles is just a joy...

Cool game! A bit plain at the moment but I'm sure it's just in POC stage